Deexu DX-EU12-2 Long Range Surveillance/Survey/3D Mapping Drone

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Deexu DX-EU12-2 Long Range Surveillance/Survey/3D Mapping Drone

The Deexu DX-EU12-2 Electric Powered Endurance Drone has a 2 hour flight time, a top speed of 100kph  and can carry a payload of 2kg. This VTOL Fixed Wing UAV is ideal for search and rescue, Aerial Video Surveillance, 3D Survey Mapping and much more.

Product Description

Model features  
Vertical take-off and landing Low requirements for landing and landing points, high operating efficiency.
Simple structure Easy to operate in a short time.
Full autonomous flight One-button take-off, safe and efficient.
High security Double protection for emergency landing and open umbrella.
Duration of flight 120 minutes
Aircraft Parameters  
Cruise speed 60-100KM/H
Aircraft length 1.45M
Wing width 2.5M
Maximum takeoff weight 12KG
Payload 1-2KG
Wind resistance Grade 6
Power System Electric Powered
Body material Full composite material

128*48*50cm, 15Kg

Autopilot performance:

full coverage of the model;

Satellite navigation

[real-time GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/B Multi-system signal reception];

attitude accuracy 0.5deg, heading accuracy 1deg;

centimeter-level positioning;

High precision and high dynamic motion measurement.

1,Function description

Build-in normalization ,cross-correlation and tracking algorithm,

combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable

track of the target.

Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross

cursor, trace information display.


2,Tracking performance

1)Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz

2)Output delay of deviation pixel <15ms

3)Minimum target contrast 5%

4)the minimal signal-to-noise ratio ( SNR) 4

5)Minimum target size 16*16 pixel

6)Maximum target size 160*160 pixel

7)Tracking speed 32 pixel/frame

8)The mean square root values of pulse noise in the target

position<0.5 pixel

Model Number: DX-EU12-2
Brand Name: deexu
Type: Gyroplane
Power System: Electric Powered
Takeoff &Landing: VTOL
Duration of flight: 120 minutes
Cruise speed: 60-100KM/H
Maximum takeoff weight: 12Kg
Payload: 2Kg
Wind Resistance: Grade 6
Body material: Full composite material
Optical Accessory: Gimbal Camera Payload
Application: Mapping/Surveillance/Survey

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